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I live in Kentucky. I'm a firefighter at a small department in eastern Kentucky and a little bigger department back in Indiana where I'm originally from. Nationally certified EMT and an EMT in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Secular Humanist Democrat. Ask me anything, I'm always around.

So I just saw the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. “Well if college is too expensive maybe we shouldn’t give poor people free college. If they can’t afford it they shouldn’t go, simple as that.” That PISSES me off. So you’re saying that if a family can’t afford to send their child to school they shouldn’t be allowed to go? What if that kid is extremely smart, with a genius level IQ? It’s quite possible the cure for cancer is in the mind of that child who can’t afford to go to college.Why should you get to go to college just because you were born into a wealthy family? Oh you worked to pay for your college? So you didn’t fill out a FAFSA? That’s bullshit. We both know you got federal grants. Think with your brain and not just with your wallet. The world will be a better place.