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I live in Kentucky. I'm a firefighter at a small department in eastern Kentucky and a little bigger department back in Indiana where I'm originally from. Nationally certified EMT and an EMT in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Secular Humanist Democrat. Ask me anything, I'm always around.
Anonymous said:

where are you from?

Indianapolis, Indiana

Probably gonna delete this.

Should I keep my tumblr or delete it?

please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess a fantasy to you.


oh lord

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I feel like some people don’t realize that we sent a man to the moon. We strapped three dudes, in a rocket, and sent it off of this planet onto the big gray orb in the sky. That is fucking awesome. There is no greater achievement than that.
Anonymous said:

Can you post a pic of your shirtless body


Anonymous said:

Do you have a picture of yourself shirtless?


No one deserves that award more than The King himself, George Strait.

So George Strait an Alan Jackson honoring George Jones. Everyone go home. Shows over. No one can compare.